Asian Plastics Opportunity (APO)

Stopping the insanity of plastic pollution


The only community-based circular economy solution to the problem of plastic pollution in our landscapes and oceans. 

Plastic is our ultimate vanity. We shape it, mould it, colour it to make anything we want, then simply throw it away without a thought for the consequences - a world that is being broken by the plastic pollution in our landscapes and oceans.

Nowhere more so than in Asia where five countries are responsible for 80% of the world’s plastic pollution problem (China, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand).

While some efforts are being made to reduce, recover and recycle plastic pollution, the reality is that 80% of it still ends up in our landscapes and oceans. The reason for this insanity is the lack of waste management infrastructure, particularly community-based solutions that are the key to dealing with the plastic waste problem.

Unless we work together to solve this problem at a community level, the insanity will continue. The Asian Plastics Opportunity (APO) is a social enterprise that has been set up to provide a means of empowering Asian governments, businesses, local communities and even individuals to take action through a community-based circular economy solution to the problem of plastic pollution in our landscapes and oceans.

Join us today to find out how you can play your part in stopping the vanity and insanity of plastic pollution.


Massive, but still increasing pollution of our oceans, seas & inland waters with plastic waste, threatening marine life and wellbeing of future human generations.

Seabirds and marine life are starving to death with plastic filled stomaches or suffer to death by entanglement or intestine obstruction.

Micro-plastics ultimately have reached the human food chain.

Join us today to find out how you can play your part in stopping the insanity of global plastic pollution!

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There are many actions required to address the problem of plastic pollution but at the heart of the solution lies a community-based waste management and an appropriate recycling infrastructure. 

At APO our aim is to reduce the overall destructive impact of plastic waste to the environment here in Asia. Therefore it is crucial to create awareness, educate locals and to install sustainable solutions to process plastic waste into a reliable source for energy and income for locals.

Our credo: local problem - local solution

The APO concept of EMPOWERING explicitly invites everybody to be part of this initiative - from local picker to global investor or as a limited partner of the Hong Kong based APO Waste to Energy Fund

W2E Investment 1 L.P. by Xolaris Group

As a social enterprise, APO is most determined to create awareness and to establish common knowledge about the
problem and its contexts.

Wherever we operate our Plastic Waste to Energy units we will employ qualified tutors to constantly teach local public at our local APOAs. All our workers will be trained on the job there at the same time. The daily work with our plastic to energy units requires skilled workers to guarantee a smooth and efficient operation. Besides that, we cooperate with local NFP/NGOs and support organizing maritime and landscape cleanups and other plastic waste related activities. A certain percentage of all our local operational profits will be used to fund APOA’s educational work and the related sponsoring of local activities.