• More than 150 million metric tons of plastic waste have accumulated in the seas already

  • More than 8 million tons added every year

  • Around 80% of the garbage in the sea are plastics

  • Plastic waste has a lifespan of up to 600 years

  • Micro plastic ultimately reaches the human food chain

  • Managing plastic marine litter is difficult. Once in the ocean, its sources and impacts are trans-boundary by nature, making it difficult to address jurisdictional responsibility for remedial action and clean up.

  • Missing global regulatory frameworks on litter prevention
    and upstream interventions make it challenging to reduce marine littering.

  • World Bank projects that 1.3 billion metric tons of MSW is generated each year, 10% of the total MSW produced, or 130 Million MTPY, is plastic

  • Global plastics production is an estimated 300 million metric tons each year growing at a rate of 4% annually

  • The UN have estimated an annual economic damage caused by plastic waste is to be at 13 billion US dollars

This number does not take into account any consequential damage (i.e. caused by plastic in the food chain, etc.). In addition the garbage causes other negative economic consequences: tourism industry is threatened as beaches are polluted, fishermen fight with plastic waste in their nets, garbage is caught in ship bolts, cooling water systems and desalination plants.

why ASIA?

Waste management is one of the modern world’s greatest
environmental challenges. For good reason, we are focusing
our efforts on plastic waste recycling on Asia. More than 80%
of the total global plastic pollution result from five Asian nations

C H I N A - I N D O N E S I A - P H I L I P P I N E S -
V I E T N A M - T H A I L A N D


In addition to the generally low level of education and the lack
of awareness of the problem of plastic waste pollution and its
context, the complete lack of any efficient waste management
& associated infrastructure is responsible for the current

That is why we developed our decentralized, small size and modular plastic waste treatment concept.