As a social enterprise, APO is most determined to create awareness and to establish common knowledge about the problem and its contexts.  

APO’s goal is to motivate and drive each individual to change their lifestyle in order to reduce the single use of plastic within Asia. This may be achieved through education and motivation, connecting with corporates and offering possible solutions. 

Single use plastic is polluting our every day environment like our cities and oceans. This has an immense effect on not only animals living within that environment but also humans. Disastrous health issues are caused within humans and animals every day due to our polluted surroundings and the fatal impact of micro plastic on the food chain.


Clean Up
We partner with local NFP/NGOs and support organizing maritime and landscape cleanups and other plastic waste related activities.


Our activities target education within kindergartens, schools and universities. This is especially crucial as it is influencing our future generation. It is our goal to convince our future generation to stop plastic insanity by making a change in their daily life habits. We are also hoping to influence them to the extent to where they would be inspired to find new solutions by for example developing their own innovative projects in the future. 

It is also of great importance to influence corporates to educate management and staff to promote an eco-friendly environment within their businesses and from home. Making these changes could have a big impact on the front line business which will be necessary to positively impact Asia’s plastic waste pollution.

The APOA way of empowering

APO spends 5% of its operational profits from all Waste To Energy factories to fund APO ACADEMY activities.

Time to get involved now
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