Is to provent high quality sustainable solutions for the recovery and recycling
of resources from plastic waste streams. Since plastics have an energy value
higher than coal, the landfilling of end-of-life plastic waste constitutes a loss of
an important energy resource.

We utilise environmentally friendly technology to provide recycling raw
material under highest quality standard and to produce renewable and
sustainable energy – minimising waste and emissions, while greatly reducing
the overall carbon footprint (integral APO REFORESTATION PROGRAM).

Our goal is the 100% diversion of plastic waste to landfill and to enable the profitable generation of environmentally responsible and sustainable energy, including natural gas, syngas, hydrogen and transport grade fuel.

In collaboration with our expert business partners we are able to deliver high end recycling and seamless waste to energy solutions “Made in Germany” across a variety of industries, including commercial, industrial, government and local body sectors from site design and layout, EPC, installation and plant commissioning just as full local operations and maintenance support

At the same time we create new jobs and sustainable income streams for local individuals, companies and/or communities. While cleaning up the environment people can generate own sustainable income and benefit from these renewable energy sources.

- Decentralised & mobile concept
- modular Container design
- Small, efficient & profitable
- environmentally-responsible

Our credo:

Local Problem - Local Solution

Green Fund Financing

Through our own Hong Kong based Waste to Energy Private Equity Fund (APO W2E Investment 1 L.P.) the consortium enables investors to make a difference and take part in this revolutionary and profitable concept.

For its concept realisation APO collaborates with German Alternative Investment Fund specialist XOLARIS Group.

XOLARIS is a globally acting, white label structuring platform, that empowers initiatives like APO by taking care of the necessary funding structure and related administration processes. XOLARIS` core values are based on profound financial structuring experiences, paired with highest regulatory standards and an entrepreneurial, 100% independent set-up, Therefore the group is the perfect match for innovators and changers.

XOLARIS do perfectly understand the necessary balance between innovation and tradition and the importance of sustainability for both.

XOLARIS recently launched APO’s first fund, which is a Hong Kong based Limited Partnership called W2E Investment 1 L.P.

This Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) enables interested investors to support the values of APO and to participate in revenues out of its projects. For all questions relating APO W2E Investment 1 L.P., kindly contact the APO Hong Kong Headquarter or XOLARIS Group.




After capitalisation through the APO W2E Investment 1 L.P. fund the first pilot plant will be installed in Germany as soon as possible.

During the pilot phase, the participating manufacturers and their respective plants will be merged into a first pilot plant. This is the only way to successfully achieve the desired functionality and to improve efficiency.

After successful proof of concept, pilot plant will be delivered to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, becoming the consortium's first field project. At the same time, all previously planned plants for the further projects will be commissioned and produced.